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Fashion Bubble - Basic White

I wish I could wear white like effortless. 
Instead I think if I ever tried, my food would inevitably find a way of becoming attached to my outfit!


Cute Bubble - Baguette Love

I do not know when or why I would ever need a baguette bag but it is cool!

Accessory Bubble - Kate + Books

Kate Spade, I love you. 
You are so pretty and make lots of beautiful girly things and I am especially loving your Book of the Month clutch - however do they really need to be priced at US$325?  The Great Gatsby one is my fave, I have always loved that book after studying it in high school.  Very pricey but pretty to look at all the same...

Fashion Bubble - Belted love

I have placed a self imposed ban on myself to stop me from buying any fun Phuong stuff such as clothes/accessories/shoes until all our furniture at home is sorted out... I think I will need to lift this ban as our furniture shopping efforts have waned of late and we still need a coffee table, floor lamp, bedside tables, outdoor furniture and some nice decorator items... it is going to take a while!

To ease myself back into it, I think a new pretty skinny leather brown belt is on the cards as my next purchase. 

all images from fashionedit

Design Bubble - Living Room Love

Dear furniture stores in Singapore,
Why do you all sell the same boring generic stuff and make it so difficult for me to find furniture that I want to buy?  Can you please just sell me that tripod floor lamp, coffee table, side table and arm chair.
Okay thanks, see you later. 

Design Bubble - Music Philosophy

Available here

Happy Weekend!