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nye sparkle...

Crushing on this party outfit -  any excuse to pull out some sequins + sparkle!

2012 inspiration...

the new year is starting soon and I find myself reflecting back and also thinking about the year ahead... I think this is a good little checklist for next year!

have yourself a merry little christmas..

my favouritest christmas song + this is a beautiful version from Chris Martin.
i hope the day is wonderful for you xx  

Girl Walk // All Day

Official Trailer (CLEAN): Girl Walk // All Day from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.
I know I have posted a few videos lately but watch this if you haven't seen it already...  It will make you smile and want to dance and you can never have too much of either of those I say!   
Described as what will be an "epic 71min music video" to Girl Talk's album, they are releasing a new chapter twice a week.  See all the chapters here.

a cup of tea...

What is it about cups of tea that they always seem to make things better??

I think they have magical healing powers (along with my theory on congee which I also believe cures most ailments... )

Congee and tea, making the world a better place x

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Neon brights: Honor pre-fall 2012

Splashes of colour and neon (and lots of pretty shorty shorts) to brighten up a late and cold work night... The latest offerings from New York label, Honor.

hk honey...

I am flying out to Hong Kong again tomorrow.  Although it is for work I always do love going back there.

I have such a love affair with that city - it's buzzy, intense, vibrant, edgy.  You never know what you will find.. e.g who knew there were beekeepers in the middle of Hong Kong?!

Check out this gorgeous video about Hong Kong and HK Honey and see for yourself:

Nokia - HK Honey from The Silentlights on Vimeo.

wine + cheese

The perfect Saturday afternoon was spent today unwinding with lovely friends, 7 different cheeses and some divine Australian white wine.  Pretty perfect way to spend an arvo...

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dear hong kong...

Sitting at the airport - on my way to see you for a last minute work trip - can't wait to see you again!  x

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friday thoughts - keep an eye out...

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Sew My Name....

So I had quite a big night out last night with some work mates (yes there were jager bombs) so feeling pretty dusty today. 

But there is nothing like a bit of Josh Pyke and his lovely melodies to make the afternoon a little easier to bear... 

Thanksgiving Dinner...

A late post but better late than never!  We were invited to our very first Thanksgiving a few weeks ago.   It was a brilliant night filled with lots of friends and so much yummy food!  Good times. 

We were each told to bring a dish so with twenty people each bringing something, that means a lot of food!   I think our lovely hosts were having leftovers for the rest of the week. 

I was feeling a bit ambitious so the Mr and I decided to bring 3 dishes - Mac and Cheese, Pecan Pie and Red Velvet Cupcakes. They all turned out quite well I think!  Unfortunately I did end up with a Thanksgiving burn on my hand, my Mac and Cheese turned out a bit too dry for my liking when I reheated it to take with us and I forgot to put in an egg in my first batch of cupcake mixture (yes I know now that it makes a massive difference*) #domesticgoddessfail.  Recipe links below for those interested. Mac and Cheese
Pecan Plus Pie
Red Velvet Cupcakes
 *luckily the Mr showed off his baking skills by whipping up the s…

the perfect lace dress...

I know I harp on about lace alot - I adore it.  I love it in all forms (yes I even love doilies). 

But seriously, how could you not fall in love with these dresses!?  Ridiculously pretty.

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my sunday love...

Long brunch sessions with good mates hanging out by river front coffee shops always leads to:
watching hilarious youtube videos (exhibit A)finding out about awesome and funny new blogs (exhibit B: accidental chinese hipsters!)talking about random stuff we read on wikipedia  I love the internet.   I love my friends.  I love sundays.  oh and the eggs and coffee at toby's estate rocks!  x

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friday perspective...

Thinking back on my week, it has been a bit up and down - it has been a bit long, a bit stressful and I made some mistakes at work that I was disappointed in myself about.  But this week also meant hanging out with the ones I love, great chats, book club with the girls, gin and tonics and opening up emails with gorgeous baby scans and exciting baby news.  The perfect dose of good old fashioned perspective.  Such wonderful happy and glorious times. xx

Thurley SS/11 ...

I am crushing on the gorgeous 2011 Spring / Summer collection from Aussie label, Thurley.  Lots of muted tones, softness and sparkle.