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I am on holidays tomorrow yay!   We are heading back home and I can't wait especially as I will get to meet and play with my cute little nephew.  Going home always means spending lots of time with family and friends and yummy vietnamese food.  The Brisbane weather at this time of year is a lot cooler than Singapore so this trip also means scarves, knits, boots and jackets - exciting!

Speaking of jackets, I spied these behind the scenes pics of Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2012 campaign.  So pretty!

 [image credit]

The Born This Way Ball...

Last night we toddled along to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to see Lady Gaga in her latest world tour known as the Born this Way Ball.   Last minute tix through a friend and I must say she put on a fantastic spectacle.  She has an amazing voice and energy, definitely knows how to entertain and engage the audience and what I really loved is how positive she is about embracing your own individuality and accepting and loving yourself for who you are.  
The costumes were amazing!   She collaborated with Giorgio Armani to design them and unfortunately I can't find any pics of my favourite costumes (internet you have let me down...), below is a little sneak peek of the sketches that have been released.   Very avant-garde, very Gaga. 

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sunday mornings...

skype chats with the big sister, parents and extremely cute little baby nephew... fresh fruit, coffee and muesli for breakfast... vanilla cinnammon scented candle burning... new furniture delivery from favourite furniture store... reading the sunday paper... bloc party tunes playing... pretty inspiration on pinterest.... the perfect sunday morning.

Source: via Phuong on Pinterest

A new wardrobe...

A little baby B is on his/her way in November so that means the time had come for this mama-to-be to buy some new clothes... so on the weekend I traipsed off to Orchard Road to pick up some new things.

First stop was Uniqlo - one of my favourite stores and one of the best places I think for basics.  I picked up a breton stripe nautical top. a stripey dress and yes I admit it... denim jeggings... I can't turn down an elastic waist these days :)

At Mango I found some bright blue goodies - a pair of elastic waisted shorts and a stretchy jersey dress for work/evening...  

Whilst not a new addition to the wardrobe, I did end up buying the cutest little giraffe for the little bub from Muji.   The Mr and I have since christened this little cutie "Rafael" and he is patiently waiting the arrival of his new owner/friend.  

All in all not a bad shopping day and I successfully avoided purchases at 'maternity' shops which from the few I walked into on the weekend were all pr…

So damn excited...

One of my favourite books (The Great Gatsby) set during one of my favourite eras brought to life by the wonderful Baz Luhrmann... Carey Mulligan's outfits look phenomenal.  Check out the trailer.  

So. Excited. Cannot. Wait.