09 February 2011

Inspired Dining...

My name is Phuong, and I am a Masterchef addict. 

I know I am a bit late on this bandwagon but Junior Masterchef and the first season of Masterchef (USA) is only now being shown on tv over here.  I now understand why Masterchef was such a hit in Oz and why there were daily articles about it on news.com.au.

It's compelling viewing.  I am not sure why... maybe it's because you are seeing ordinary people doing some pretty awesome things that you could probably do yourself (if you really tried) and you can relate to it a bit better unlike other reality shows e.g. Big Brother or Biggest Loser .

Anyhow, the Mr and I are celebrating the one year anniversary of our engagement this Sunday so I only thought it fitting to book us into Pizzeria Mozza, a restaurant recently opened in Singapore by Masterchef US judge, Joe Bastianich, and celebrity chef, Mario Batali.   The two have opened a number of acclaimed restaurants in the US and Joe also owns a few wineries in Italy.  We are massive fans of pizza so very excited to try it out! 



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