16 March 2011

We can help...

What is happening at the moment in Japan is really scary and really sad. It is devastating to watch and watching the news lately has often felt like watching a movie.   It's awful watching a country I love so much go through what it is going through.  It has personally affected us over here.  We have friends in Tokyo who have got out and flown home to Oz.  A friend of mine was living and working close to Sendai last year and she still hasn't been able to get hold of all her friends to know if they are safe.  At work I am currently dealing with how we can temporarily accommodate some of our Tokyo office in HK and Singapore. 

When the floods hit our home town of Brisbane a couple of months back, the Mr and I felt really helpless while watching the news and hearing all the stories from our friends and family.  We weren't able to physically help and we weren't really sure what we could do.  An email to our lovely SG/HK based friends and colleagues seeking donations was v successful and we raised over $2000 for the QLD Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.  Just goes to show how reaching out to your mates can very quickly add up.

So if you want to help the efforts in Japan and not really sure how, consider donating to the Red Cross.  My friend Emyo (who I studied with in Japan back in the day) has set up a page with her mates to fundraise.  Just click on this link to donate: http://www.redcrossfundraising.org.au/we_can_help

My friend Andrea has also written about some other ways that people can help on her blog.  Check it out.

It's amazing what can be achieved when everyone rallies together xx


Andrea said...

Thanks for helping to spread the word :)


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