18 April 2011

For the time poor...

Recently, the Mr and I were accepted into the Founder Institute to kickstart our entrepreneurial idea.  We get booted out of the course if our business idea is not good enough to stand up to scrutiny so let's see if we make it through!  will keep you updated!

Lots of meetings, classes and assignments coupled with work and the usual things has meant a lot of other things including blogging have been on the backburner a bit!  Therefore, time poor Phuong post = a round of pretty pictures that I have come across lately and make me happy...

Two favourite things - Bikes and Burgers... from Rides a Bike 

Pretty office space filled with some favourites - ghost chair, apple, teapot, peonies

The perfect little picnic basket  - image from my friend A's tumblr

looking forward to this weekend's getaway with the Mr... image c/o my friend R's tumblr 



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