25 April 2011

from taipei with love....

The Mr and I are currently sitting in the airport in Taipei waiting for our flight home to Singapore. It's been an awesome but quick long weekend here.  Some down time was definitely needed.  We stayed in a fabulous little boutique hotel (Hotel Quote - definitely recommend it if you are visiting) and ate and ate our way through this wonderful city.

Taipei reminds me of a cross between Hong Kong and Japan.  However it is oddly populated with lots and lots of scooters (usually synonymous with more developing Asian cities).   The Shilin night market was a highlight - awesome street food and great shopping (I picked up an amazing lavender coloured blazer with cute little gold buttons).  

We ate ALOT.  From deep fried beef and cheese pastry things, crumbed and fried lotus root and fried chicken to pizza that came in a cone to amazing beef noodle soup.  We also checked out the Ximendeng area and the area in the east near Zhongxiao East Road.  Lots of little alleyways with funky boutiques and flocks of cool kids.  

We rented bikes and cycled around the river - a very bike friendly city.  We even found a pub that was showing the Reds game (and they won!) so the Mr was very happy :) 

All in all, a fun and relaxing weekend away - I definitely recommend a trip to Taipei if you have the chance! 


charnana said...

Hello :)

I chanced upon your blog while trying to find personal accounts of people who have recently visited Taipei.

Would just like to enquire about what the temperature is like over there now. Is it warm or cold?

I'll be flying over with a bunch of friends next Wednesday, and I don't quite trust weather reports, that's why :D so I was hoping you could tell me.

Thank you!

Phuong said...

hi and thanks for stopping by!

weather was a little up and down last weekend - a bit cool on saturday (chilly at night) but then sunday was beautiful and sunny.


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