03 April 2011


Had a rough time at work this week... things seem to have gotten really busy and stressful I don't really see it easing... sometimes work is really overwhelming and full on and I sometimes find myself getting a bit stressed and anxious about it at all and wondering if i have gotten in a bit over my head.  Luckily the lovely Mr is here and helps put things in perspective for me.  You often just have to step back and remember that 'it's just work' and there are so many other wonderful things in life that take priority and to be thankful for - family, friends, good food, happy times - simple stuff.

For instance, we were very lucky to have two really fun weekends on either side of my sometimes yucky work week...

Last weekend 2 of our lovely Sydney friends came to visit on a stopover before heading off on their European jaunt.  Was soooo good to see C & D and show them around Singapore.  We had loads of fun with them - eating and drinking at one of our favourite restaurants - Wild Rocket, river cruises, exploring the little boutiques in Haji Lane, fresh seafood, great coffee... We are trying to convince them to move up :)

This weekend was equally relaxing and fun.  I spent Saturday spa-ing it up for Jo's hen's with Jo and AM at the beautiful surrounds of Spa Botanica.  Sunday was spent exploring this lovely city we currently call home - discovered a great new vintage furniture store/cafe called Restore that sells some awesome furniture and serves yummy bagels and waffles.   Spoke to both families, went for a long run around the river and soaked it all up... ended the weekend with some evening snacks and drinks with good friends at our lovely little local - Wild Oats.

Pretty damn lucky really so I just have to remember that if things get a bit much at times...! This week we are also heading home to Brisvegas to celebrate T & M's nuptials and welcoming a new member into the Byrne clan!!  Can't wait!! xx



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