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Long time blog readers will know that one of my favourite brands is Kate Spade. I love their brand identity and their products which capture everything playful, quirky and colourful in the world filled with lots of brights and bows.

However like all designer items for me, they are usually lusted after rather than purchased due to my frugal spending habits (of generally not wanting to spend more than $100 on any one item of clothing/bag/shoes).  I am however really lucky to currently own 2 Kate Spade items.  A large oversized clutch that was ridiculously reduced at a sale in Hong Kong and a little clutch given to me as a birthday present a few years back from two very dear friends.  I have always had my eye on a Kate Spade bag though...

So I when I spied on twitter the other night that they are having an online sample sale (up to 75% off!), I quickly trotted on over to have a look... After some umming and aaahing (and some gentle prodding from the Mr) I ordered this delightful blue bag (I heart the lining) at a bit of a bargain.  It's been shipped and currently on its way courtesy of the lovely folk at Singapore VPost (allows you to get stuff delivered from sites where their shipping is restricted to certain countries).

She should be arriving shortly... and I feel very grown up - hmmm I think I might need to give her a name!


Andrea said…
Lovely choice hun! I would have picked that out too. I got something from the sample sale too - Emma Pilsbury (Glee)'s red bow cardigan :P

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