02 June 2011

oh serena...

I love teen shows, always have and I'm sure I always will.

Whilst many may dismiss them for being trashy or not relevant or whatever, I still love them and they have certainly helped me through many an angsty day.   From Gilmore Girls, the OC, Dawson's Creek to the latest Glee and Gossip Girl - I love them all and I realise this may make me a bit of a tragic but oh well :) 

Gossip Girl is fun and whilst it is a bit ridiculous most times, I love the fashion and insight into the crazy world of the Upper East Side.  Blake Lively who plays Serena on Gossip Girl often annoys me so much but I have to admit she looks pretty freaking amazing in this editorial from the latest Glamour US issue.  I am in love with the styling and all the shorty shorts.



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