06 September 2011

coffee snob...

Going out for breakfast on the weekend and drinking an amazing cup of coffee is one of my favourite past times.  It makes me happy.

The good thing is that it seems like little indie coffee shops have been popping up all over Singapore lately which is awesome for a coffee snob like me :)  What can I say, we are completely spoiled in Australia with being able to buy amazing coffee on every other corner so it is hard (and almost sacrilegious in my book!) to get excited by Starbucks.

So here is my list of current fave spots in Singapore:
  • Kith: My number one favourite and where the Mr and I spend most mornings of the weekend.  Good food, good coffee, lovely staff.  The additional bonus is that breakfast at Kith always ends up with a visit and a good chat with Sean and Jac next door at Vanguard.   Visit Vanguard for vintage bikes, books and all round pretty stuff.
  • Forty Hands:  Big call but probably the best coffee of all the places but unfortunately gets a little packed on the weekends so you have to battle with the crowds.  Yummy toasted sandwiches (why does everything taste better toasted?), generous servings.  Yummy truffle fries.  Check out my fave book store, Books Actually which is across the road.
  • Orange Thimble:  Recently opened, we went here for the first time over the weekend and will be back.  Art meets coffee.  Yummy coffee and sandwiches. Simple and good. 
  • Restore:  Pretty vintage furniture (including some beautiful chairs - god I love chairs), toasted bagels with cream cheese and coffee. What more can you ask for?
  • Smitten:  Only serves coffee - excellent coffee.
  • Loysel's Toy and Papa Palheta:  Excellent coffee and a little hidden away.  Two gems.
  • Oriole: Yum coffee from our friend Keith. He also owns Bedrock which is one of our favourite restaurants here in Singapore.
Toby's Estate is opening a Singapore branch and roasting place shortly too so very excited about that!  Will report back once we visit.

Now if only someone would open a decent coffee place close to my office... hmm maybe I should?  :)



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