15 September 2011


Source:via Phuong on Pinterest

As some readers already know, I have two mums who I look up to completely and admire.  They are both amazing, strong women who have been through and survived so much in their lives.  Wars, boat journeys, love, loss - they have both been through so much already.  Fortunately for them, in recent years they have been able to enjoy some respite with the luxury of overseas holidays and adventures after having to look after us kids for so long and not needing to run around after us as much!

My dear mama just got back from a one month trip away where she visted family in the States and Canada and also undertook a whirlwind tour of some major US cities with some of her friends.  She had an amazing time and like with all mum's adventures, she has regaled me with stories of how cheap things are and how good the food is (especially the viet food!).  It isn't the first time she has been away on her own leaving papa T at home for extended periods of time :) **  

Cath, equally adventurous, is about to embark on an an amazing trip to India and fortunately for us will be stopping over in Singapore on her way home.  India is a place I am dying to get to so am very interested to hear what she thinks.

Here's to adventurous mums! xx

**Don't worry, papa T gets holidays too and the Mr and I are off to Vietnam with him, mum and Cath in November.  



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