11 September 2011

sunday morning...

We woke up early this morning so the Mr and I walked down to Little India to explore the Tekka Market.  I was so delighted to see lots of fresh herbs so we bought up and I am making Goi Cuon for dinner tonight.  I will also be testing out the new food processor and making some basil and walnut pesto while the Mr spends his day watching rugby! (he is obsessed)

The only thing missing from Tekka Market I think is a fresh flower stand... oh how I love fresh flowers and brown paper! 

Source: tumblr.com via Phuong on Pinterest


Fiona M said...

Re: the flowers.. just head to the back (near the fruit stall that plays the french jazz music) & they sell Orchids....it's a bargin! Massive bunch for $2 and of course they last forever :) Fi xx


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