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So it seems my battle with jetlag is finally over, my health is back and I am feeling normal again, yay!

As readers know, I was recently in New York for work.  A fun but long jet-lag filled week.  However, I was able to have a day or so free and caught up with Ro and Andrew (who were on an epic US holiday) and Liz and John (our mates who have lived in NY for a while now).   What did we get up to?

First stop was meeting for dinner at Schillers Liquor Bar.  I had the Mac + Cheese - it was yum!  I never used to be a creamy pasta kind of person but have recently been hooked on Mac and Cheese after eating it (and loving it) at Bedrock a few months ago.   Schillers has a great buzzy, warm atmosphere with some funky and quirky decor. 

After Schillers, we headed around the corner to a little speakeasy - The Back Room.  A hidden entrance down some stairs and an alley led us to a big room that felt like someone's living room complete with fireplace, massive velvet couches, books and a globe.  All drinks served in teacups :)

The next morning, I left my lodgings in the lower east side at The Bowery House (think edgy fancyish youth hostel - pretty good for $80/night!), coffee and bagel in hand and walked over to the West Village to Liz and John's place.  Ro and I headed to Tartine for breakfast.  Tiny, quaint little cafe where I had some fabulous eggs.  

After Tartine, Ro and I started our adventures for the day - we walked through the West Village and up to Chelsea.  One of our first stops was the lovely Anthropologie where I picked up some things for home and a few little things for YT for the b'day.  We headed over to Chelsea Market and delighted in all the fresh produce, market stalls and all around yummy goodness and explored some of the shops in the Meatpacking District.  We stopped off at the Standard Grill Living Room underneath the Standard Hotel for lunch where we had what Ro calls, our yipster (yuppie hipster) lunch.  Then it was off to walk the Highline (railway converted into awesome park/public space).  Finished up with a drink at Eataly (a mecca for all things Italian food) in the Flatiron district.  It was a beautiful sunny day and a wonderful way to spend a few hours exploring the city and catching up.  

Dinner that night was pizza at Arturo's followed up by some outstanding improv comedy at UCB.   The others went off for more drinks but I ventured back home in preparation for my long flight home. 

My last morning in New York was spent having an early morning breakfast of coffee, croissant, soft boiled egg and soldiers and the New York Times at Balthazar.   The perfect way to end my New York week.   The subsequent 2 days it took me to get home was less than pleasant but that is another story for another day!


YT said…
cool i liked Back Room too

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