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cooking class...

We are off to Vietnam in a couple of weeks time with the fam and I can't wait!!

It's so hard to find authentic and tasty Vietnamese food in Singapore so I am hanging out for some amazing Viet food and spending time with my parents and second mum.  

Given the lack of available Vietnamese food here, I have been inspired lately to cook more of it at home... I need to get some more cooking lessons from my mama!  Although like a lot of mums, she doesn't really use recipes or measurements and normally cooks based on taste, gut and her experience.

Fortunately for us rookies, we have the interwebs... The Ravenous Couple (thanks Hieu!) and Viet World Kitchen seem to be full of great recipes and of course there are also old faves, Luke Nguyen and those lovely folks at SBS.   Here's hoping that one day, I can cook as well as my mama!


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dealing with toxic people...

This blog is my little outlet, a fun happy creative place for me.  I have always tried to keep the blog positive and keep the negative out of it, but unfortunately I am already struggling to meet my new year goals which I only listed down days ago.

My goal to try and not stress out about things I can't fix is not going too well.  Sometimes you encounter some toxic  / negative people in your life and currently I am struggling a little on how to best deal with it.

I went to my trusty Google and typed "how to deal with toxic people" and I found this helpful post.  I hope it helps you too when you are dealing with some difficult people.   I have extracted below what I found helpful, which will hopefully get me back on track!
Avoid toxic people. In some cases it may not be an option (ie work!), but more often than not, it is. It is also common to believe you can get a toxic person to change while interacting with them. You will not get them to change and trying it simply is…

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Vogue UK April 2010

Red Dot

Unfortunately Singapore has a bit of a lacklustre reputation for being boring, sterile, uncultured... especially in comparison to other Asian developed cities like Hong Kong + Tokyo.  Yes it is true that the vibe here is different to those other cities, but I think Singapore is definitely coming into its own and a lot has changed (even in the 3 years I have lived here).

To get an idea of some of the creativity out there, check out lilreddotfolks. A bit like the Selby, this neat little blog gives you insights into the worlds and homes of some of the inspiring and creative peeps who call this island home.