05 March 2012

the button up shirt...

Today I wore a navy and white striped business shirt to work.   A few people in the office said I looked different.  Maybe I did... it was the first time in about 5 years I have worn one.  It's been years since I was a little law clerk and trainee lawyer when I used to spend most of my days in a suit and collared button up (every year at law firms you can always tell who are the newbies as they often always have the crispest and newest clothes!).  Anyhow, I had been a bit averse to the business shirt over the years mainly due to my hate of ironing (also because I am terrible at it!).

However, over the weekend, I spied a great little bargain button up collared tunic from one of my favourite stores, Uniqlo.  I couldn't resist the bargain and thought I could get heaps of wear out it of so I snapped it up.  Worn as a business shirt for the weekday and then dressed down with a belt as a short dress or with some shorty shorts for a more casual feel on the weekends.. let's just say I will be returning to get some more as staples.

I know a lot of people like to keep their work wardrobe separate from their 'fun' wardrobe but I am a big believer in messing it all up.  It is often the unlikely or the unexpected things in life that just work...

Below is some inspiration for that 'boring' old button up shirt you have or perhaps one borrowed from your lover?
Paired with some shorts
white with lace
gingham + floral.  the unlikeliest of prints but i love it.
colour blocking for a bold statement

pretty and comfortable
images via Phuong on Pinterest



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