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our new local..

Moving house means discovering new locals and haunts to hang out in.  Although we only moved about 10mins walk away from our old place we are a lot closer to Orchard Road now... hence the last few meals for us have all been located unsurprisingly at Mandarin Gallery... For those Aussie readers you might think it's weird that you can get decent food and decent restaurants in shopping centres, but it is pretty normal in Singapore and Hong Kong where some of the best restaurants and cafes are either found in shopping centres or hotels.

Whilst not new to us, we hit up Tonkatsu by Ma Maison on Friday night.   I am going out on a limb to say that I think it is the best tonkatsu in Singapore.  Deep fried goodness - seriously how can you not like it? Nice and crispy outside and served with all you can eat cabbage, miso soup and rice.   I personally can't go past the katsudon which is one of my favourite Japanese meals despite it being a bit of an ojisan's dish :)

Saturday morning was breakfast at Jones the Grocer, an Aussie chain selling decent coffee, breakfast and deli/tapas etc. For those in Singapore, the Dempsey outlet also has a good wine list and a pretty awesome cheese room.   Another breakfast option is Wild Honey which serves all day breakfast - I have been there for dinner before and I must say having eggs for dinner is pretty fun!

Our Saturday afternoon respite from unpacking was spent at Ippudo Singapore - a ramen restaurant hailing from Japan.  I must say it was freaking good ramen - the soup was delicious and full of so much flavour.  Fresh noodles so none of the dry icky stuff - makes such a difference! Yummy gyoza too.

Will keep you posted on some of our other fave places...

Source: via Phuong on Pinterest


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Music memories

I have the office to myself this afternoon so I can ditch the headphones and am turning up the music.

I used to be really up to date with music, read music blogs and keep up with new songs, artists, go to gigs.. but this has sort of faded out in the last few years. These days I seem to rely a lot on Spotify and their playlists and recommendations which is great for busy people!

But this afternoon I am feeling a bit nostalgic so reminiscing and playing some songs played at our wedding back in 2010 which is bringing back some beautiful memories.  

Walking down the aisle:

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Home made granola - our very own crunchy monkey

When we were in Phuket last month, the Mr found some really tasty locally made granola by Crunchy Monkey at the supermarket.   We liked it so much we bought a few bags home with us.  The little Miss is a big fan and is always asking to eat 'crunchy monkey' (even when it isn't breakfast time!).

Unfortunately our stocks are running low and good quality granola (that is not just toasted oats) is so expensive!  So to keep me and the little girl busy on the weekend and to try and combat the jetlag I was suffering, I decided to try and make our own.  It was way easier than I expected and is super yum.  It was also a fun and easy way to get the little Miss involved in cooking.

I tried a simple recipe but I think I will try other variations next time.  I turned to trusty google and this one was the first result after searching 'home made granola' so I adapted it and gave it a go...

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