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I miss my heels!

One of the adjustments I have had to make since being pregnant is giving up my 4.5inch heels and settling into a routine of wearing flats... I know some girls love them but I personally have always been a heels girl.  Aside from my trusty havaianas and a pair of pointy green fishskin flats that I bought in Hong Kong years ago (which I love and will be so sad when they are so trashed I can't wear them anymore), I haven't really embraced the flat shoe.

Honestly though, I haven't totally given up my heels yet (much to the dismay of some of my very sweet and concerned office colleagues) and have downgraded to a 1 or 2 inch heel on some days.  However most of the time I am currently traipsing around in flats. 

The problem is I am short and I already get mistaken for being about 17 (I know I know it will be a total blessing in later years!).  Hence I am trying to stay away from flats that may be too cutesy which will make me look even younger.  Working in an office environment also means I need to stay quite 'corporate' as let's face it, the way you dress impacts on your credibility and the way people perceive you in the workplace.

So to solve my flat shoe woes, I am currently looking out for different flats options perhaps with a pointier dressier toe or a bit of sparkle and preferably not black - I seem to have developed an aversion to black shoes as I don't really own any :)

I checked out the Zara sale on the weekend to see what I could find.  Whilst there were so many gorgeous and beautiful and totally impractical heels on sale I opted for this pair of cutout ballet flats (I bought them in silver). They will go with most things and will brighten up my plain black work dresses. 

For weekend wear, I picked up this pair of flat sandals from H&M the other week.  Lots of glitter and with the contrasting pink suede backs, I think they are perfect for the sunny Singapore weekends.

Now for my next purchase?  I need a little inspiration...

Perhaps some gorgeous and sparkly points inspired by these beautiful Louboutins....

Or some nude points with pops of yellow on the toe cap?   I LOVE these!

Animal print?  I am not usually a fan of animal prints but I think in a flat it will be sure to complement most outfits, particularly some of the plain jersey dresses that I am currently getting around in!  

Images via Phuong on Pinterest


Chi Bui said…
I LOVE the H&M flats. Are they comfortable to walk in? I want them!!
Phuong said…
yes comfy! do you want me to see if they are still in and post them to you? they are super cheap too like SGD30
Chi Bui said…
Really? Only if it isn't too much trouble. Thankyou! (I'm a 7.5 or 38/39).


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