16 August 2012


The Mr and I spent last week's long weekend in Hoi An, Vietnam.   We had an amazing mini getaway and stayed at one of the most incredible resorts I have ever been lucky enough to stay at - a completely luxe experience.   We also spent time in the quaint little town of Hoi An, walking the streets and feasting on yummy Vietnamese food.  A minibreak full of contrasts. 

I always love being in Vietnam.  Although I was born and raised in Australia,  I am of Vietnamese heritage so there is always something that feels so familiar whenever I visit (even though I haven't actually spent that much time there).  Maybe it's seeing where I come from, being able to read the signs and understand the language (sorta most of the time! :)) or the familiar food smells... I'm not quite sure.

One of my favourite Vietnamese food blogs, The Ravenous Couple, posted about their recent trip to Vietnam.  It's a great little photo essay of their journey in Vietnam.  Read their post and you can probably see why I love it there so much!

[all images via The Ravenous Couple]



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