26 September 2012

A bad day...

Yesterday was a bad day.. not sure why and it wasn't for any particular reason but I was just grumpy and feeling blah and everything was annoying me - hmm maybe it is the pregnancy hormones.  In any case, it was nice to go to bed early and see the end of it.

But it got me thinking of what I do when I am feeling down to try and cheer myself up:
  • sweet texts or lots of hugs from people I love.  No judgement, just lots of love - these are the best!
  • comfort food - my go to last night was chicken curry and rice and an iced milo from Toast Box
  • watching videos of my cute little nephew rolling around (he has recently discovered he can do this all by himself and loves it! so cute!).  He always makes me smile
  • watching reruns of one of my favourite funny tv shows

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