11 September 2012


I have recently become addicted to the tv show, Suits.  (I may or may not have spent all my free time over the weekend watching back to back episodes)...

For those who haven't seen it, I definitely recommend you get on it.  It's a fabulous, witty, stylish legal drama with two key characters, Harvey Specter (brilliant senior partner at a prestigious law firm) and Mike Ross (his protege associate who didn't actually go to law school but has a photographic memory).

Can I just say, if I was a guy,  I think I would want to be a bit like Harvey Specter. He is charming, brilliant and impressive and he has an impeccable wardrobe to match.  It even inspired a dedicated section at Net-A-Porter's male equivalent, Mr Porter.

I think guys definitely need to wear more 3 piece suits :)

See the trailer for the first season of the show here:



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