15 October 2012

DINK time... post #2

In continuation of our DINK time, here is a rundown of a few other places we have visited in the last couple of weeks:

Keong Saik Snacks

The third restaurant opened by Jason Atherton in Singapore, Keong Saik Snacks (located on Keong Saik Road) is a casual diner style restaurant serving up some of Jason's favourite comfort food.  A small hip establishment with only 30 seats, menu highlights for me were:

  • Jason's Very Hot Dog which consists of homemade chorizo sausage with tangy ketchup lime, crispy shallots, cheddar, avocado and jalapenos (so so good - the chorizo is amazing!).  My only complaint was the bun which I think is store bought and a bit sweet - it would have been on another level with a freshly baked hot dog bun.  
  • Home made warm cinnamon donuts served with a side of vanilla chantilly cream and salted caramel cream.  These were incredible! 

Serving up Greek food (a bit of a rarity in Asia but so prevalent in Oz), this cozy restaurant is located in a bit of a random location on Bukit Timah Road.  Food was excellent particularly the bread (served with the family's olive oil), their Spanakopita, the salads and the amazing Greek yoghurt and baklava.  It gets super busy so you have to book.  The service was great and they very kindly made room for us when we rocked up and discovered we didn't have a reservation (I had accidentally made the reservation for the next day - pregnancy brain in action!). 

Keystone is a fine dining establishment located in the CBD area and whilst I found the atmosphere a little sterile, the food was tasty and the Mr also raved about their wine list.  We were a table of six and although they offer a very reasonably priced tasting menu, we all went for the ala carte menu.  They do change their menu regularly but the picks from our table were:
  • scallop ceviche for starter
  • pork belly kakuni for main.  This was also my highlight of the evening and it was this sublimely soft pork belly (cooked for like 36 hours) contrasted with some tangy and sweet flavours
  • Valrhona cigar for dessert.  A 'cigar' made from Valhrona chocolate served in an ashtray complete with edible 'ash' and the most amazing basil and lime sorbet on the side.   
I wouldn't hurry back as I think it is more of a special occasion, splurgy place but definitely check it out if you are in that sort of mood.  



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