31 December 2012


So it's time for the obligatory New Year's Eve post and a wrap up of 2012... It's been quite the year!

The Mr and I saw in the new year last year with our good friends in Brisbane - this year we are staying in and I will be lucky if I can stay awake til midnight! :)

2012 saw us holidaying in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and going home to Brisbane.  On the career front, I was lucky enough to head back to Tokyo and Hong Kong and be involved in lots of challenging work and survive what has been a very tumultuous year for the financial services industry.  We saw friends get engaged, married, move cities.  We welcomed lots of new bambinos into our circle of friends.  It was also the year that the most gorgeous little nephew and the most incredible little girl was born.

I will leave you and 2012 with this pretty little tune from the Paper Kites (thanks to Hieu for the music discovery).  I hope 2013 is good and kind to you all xx



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