10 December 2012

being a parent...

Atticus Finch - such an awesome dad!
Source: via Phuong on Pinterest

It's been one month and three days since the little one was born and it's been a crazy ride so far.   I don't want to turn my blog into a blog all about babies and parenting but this blog is about me, my life and what I love so it is somewhat inevitable she gets mentioned!

I had been told that the first 4 weeks with a newborn are probably some of the hardest weeks you will ever experience in your life.  You realise you have total responsibility for this incredible little person and you feel so many different emotions - unconditional love, frustration, utter exhaustion, completely overwhelmed, stress, fear, happiness, complete awe that you helped create such an amazing person.   As a new mum, you also have to deal with the birthing process and after birth issues (all the gross stuff that no one tells you about!). 

One major issue for me so far is how the little one would be fed. I ended up having some unforeseen complications after birth which meant I was rushed back to hospital and was out of action for about 5 days.  I wasn't able to breastfeed during this time so we had no choice but to put her on formula and have her on both breast milk and formula in this first month. 

Unfortunately the trend seems to be out there that 'breast is best' and some mothers who formula feed feel the incredible guilts about doing so.  Me included - no matter how much I knew I was being completely irrational for feeling like that and despite me being a formula fed baby and I turned out ok! 

I felt like a terrible mother because I wasn't able to simply provide and do something that is meant to be so natural and what our bodies are designed for.   For all those out there who say breastfeeding is so natural and easy - I call bulls**t. It's really complex and it takes time, practice, persistance and a frick load of soreness to overcome in the beginning for it to start getting better and easier!  Women shouldn't be made to feel guilty if they choose to bottle feed or formula feed their baby.  

There is a minefield of information out there about what you should or shouldn't be doing as a parent - a lot of it is noise.  So one of my key take aways from this past month is that I must try and always remember some great advice that my mother in law gave me - you are the best mummy she has. 



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