14 June 2013

Bridesmaids and Blooms...

I can't believe my last post was February!  My neglected little happy space, but all is well in the world.  I am back working full time and in a new role so that has been challenging, exciting, scary, fulfilling... The little lady is 7 and a bit months now and is just the most incredible little ball of fun and giggles.   A lot to look forward to over the next few months including being home for 2 weddings (I just hope we survive the flight with the little bub as the one in April was a bit of a nightmare!).   

The November wedding is for one of my oldest friends and I am lucky enough to be one of the bridesmaids - I can't wait!   The lovely bride and I were chatting the other day about bridesmaid dresses and we were looking up the current JCrew fall/holiday lookbook - it is just SO pretty!  I think it is partly because of all those amazing blooms in the background.... Peonies + Rununculus = favourites. 


R said...
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R said...

I am so pleased you're blogging again! AND that you're happy to be my bridesmaid of course! :o)

I am hoping with the new job that I can get back to the blog too... xo

PS removed the last comment due to a humiliating grammatical error xo


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