10 December 2013


It has been a super long hiatus... I have been meaning to pick up blogging again but life has gotten in the way. I really need to make the time though as I do love having this little space in the big wide world.  

So I thought for my return post I would write about a piece of furniture I have been coveting for a while now - the Peacock chair.  I do love a good chair and this one has me smitten.

[image credits: here, here and here]

Recently in the furniture stores there seems to be lots of clean lines / scandinavian / japanese / 'modern classic' type furniture doing the rounds so it is nice to go back to something a little bit more bohemian, eclectic, freespirited and certainly dramatic.  I think it is just.so.pretty.

I am tossing up between a white one or turquoise one for the little one's room (just need to make a decision on colour!).



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