10 February 2014

The Business of Fashion: Porter

I am an avid reader of the Business of Fashion blog and it certainly has come a long way since I first started reading it a few years ago.

It is not really a blog anymore but part blog, part magazine and part trade publication.  The site gives you a wonderful insight into the world and business behind the luxury fashion industry by aggregating fashion news and generating its own meaningful content and analysis.

Fashion is not just about frivolity, creativity and fashion weeks. There is a real business and billions of dollars behind it.  This site combines them both which I think is why I find it so appealing.

As an example, take a look at the below interview with the Net-a-Porter Group about their new global print magazine, Porter which only launched a couple of days ago.    It is an in depth discussion with three women leaders about their business model, strategy and the value proposition of their new initiative.  This is not your everyday fashion interview folks.  Quite long but have a watch if you, like me, love your fashion but also love hearing about what interesting people are doing out there in the business world.

I know the interviewer is skeptical about the launch but it isn't stopping me from buying a copy for myself...



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