13 June 2014

Coffee snob #2

The little lady woke me up at 4.30 yesterday morning and then was awake again last night between midnight and 2.30am! The Mr is away for work so unfortunately I have been on solo night duty... The poor thing has been sick so that doesn't help but it means a very very tired Phuong the last few days... hopefully she will be back on track again tonight!

So it has meant a bit more coffee than usual... Unfortunately there is a serious lack of good coffee close to my office so I had to make do with the office coffee machine. It did get me thinking though that I should update my list of favourite coffee places in Singapore. Over the past few years there has been a surge of 'third wave coffee' places opening - it seems there is a new cafe opening every couple of months.  All the better for us coffee snobs!

I am pleased to report that since my last post in 2011, all the cafes I listed are still open and still good.

To add to the list:

  • Common Man Coffee Roasters: From the folks who brought us 40 Hands, the coffee is I think the best in town.  Beautiful strong flavour and served with some pretty latte art in a special handpicked cup made my local potters.  The food menu is also extensive and has haloumi on it so you really can't go wrong!  Gets really busy - even at random times of the day - so my tip is to go early (we often go at 8am when it opens to get a pick of the tables)
  • Commune Cafe: Located in a bit of an odd spot at Millenia Walk, this place serves tasty coffee and simple food.  A good place for a bit of respite if you are out shopping that way. 
  • Dutch Colony Co: Located within Parsarbella at the Grandstand (think Singapore's version of Chelsea Market in New York), this place gets super busy on the weekends.  Excellent coffee in a cute little set up - pick up a cup of coffee whilst you browse and snack on all the goodies available at Parsarbella.

We are creatures of habit so we often stick to our faves on the weekends but there are quite a few places, I have read about that we will  need to try including: 
Singapore readers, please let me know if I am missing any! 



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