26 June 2014

Good Vietnamese food in Singapore

Mrs Pho from Burpple

My mum is visiting us at the moment so I have been relishing in all the Vietnamese home cooking - she is so sweet and the first thing she did when she arrived was go to the supermarket and buy ingredients for dinner!

I love it when she visits as I can really get my Vietnamese food fix.   People often ask me where we go and find good Vietnamese food in Singapore.  I have to admit it isn't great but I can recommend a couple of places that are better than most compared to the other pretty average offerings around town.

Mrs Pho

Opened up by friends of friends, this tiny little restaurant on Beach Road serves up a decent Pho and the best pork chop rice I have had so far in Singapore (most have been pretty abysmal).  The Pho's broth is full of flavour (so many places here have watery or bland soup for their Pho) and they use fresh noodles not the dry stuff out of the packet.   My only complaint is they don't give you enough fresh basil with your noodles but that is a common issue in Vietnamese restaurants here!   The Mr didn't rate the pork and spring roll vermicelli so I say stick to Pho or the rice when you visit.  Cute decor and a great vibe.

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Opened up by the Les Amis group, several of these stores have popped up in various shopping centres around town after their initial opening in Raffles City. They serve up some yummy Banh Mi and decent Pho.  There is generally always a line (regardless of time of day) so that's a good sign.

Long Phung

A couple of Vietnamese places are located on Joo Chiat Road on the East.  We have been to Long Phung before and it was pretty good and filled with lots of other Vietnamese people.   Offering up more than just Pho, this would be a good place to visit as a group to enjoy a good mix of dishes.   It can get pretty crowded so there may be a bit of a wait.


My go to place for some comfort food when I am at work.  Not the greatest but not the worst, it serves up some pretty tasty banh mi and noodles if I need a Viet food fix at lunch time.  I was pretty happy when they opened up an outlet below my office at Marina Bay recently.



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