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Little Library..

One of the best moments of my day is when we read books with the little Miss before bed time.  She seems to have taken after us and loves them.  Most nights we end up reading 5 books before bed (there would be many more if she had her way!).

She is at a really cute age as she can now toddle over to her bookshelf, grab the book she wants to read and proceeds to plonk herself down on our laps to enjoy her stories.  She also knows her favourites and every night asks for "Spot" (for her Spot books) or "Scar" (for Hairy McLary from Donaldson's Dairy - she loves the cat in it named Scarface Claw).

I have to admit though I am getting a bit tired of reading the same books over and over (I personally have my favourites too) so I am on the lookout for some new ones!

The founder of The Grace Tales  recently posted about 20 of her favourite charming children's books.   We only have 4 on the list so I am keen to check out a few of the others.


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Music memories

I have the office to myself this afternoon so I can ditch the headphones and am turning up the music.

I used to be really up to date with music, read music blogs and keep up with new songs, artists, go to gigs.. but this has sort of faded out in the last few years. These days I seem to rely a lot on Spotify and their playlists and recommendations which is great for busy people!

But this afternoon I am feeling a bit nostalgic so reminiscing and playing some songs played at our wedding back in 2010 which is bringing back some beautiful memories.  

Walking down the aisle:

 First dance:


Today I need to concentrate and write a briefing paper for my boss' boss.  Being in an open plan office it means putting on my headphones and turning on Spotify to listen to their Afternoon Acoustic playlist.  It's my go-to playlist and features this sweet little tune from John Mayer...

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I wish I could draw like this!
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