04 June 2014

The joys of Target

It is funny the things you miss from 'home' when living away.

Since I have been living in HK and Singapore, one of the things I really miss is just having a big box mid/low range department store like Target, Big W or Kmart available.  One place where I can easily find stuff whatever it may be (instead of running around town trying to find and pick up various things).  Maybe it is because apartments in Singapore and HK don't have much space so you don't really need to buy a lot of 'stuff' so the big department stores don't think the business model would work here.  Who knows, I reckon it could still be a winner.

In any case, I was chatting to my friend Andrea on the weekend about it and we got onto the subject of Target.  She visits the US a lot for work and we were chatting about how the Target in Australia and the Target in the US are quite different.

One point of difference are all the cool collaborations the US Target has with various designers.   We've seen Philip Lim, Prabul Gurung, Peter Pilotto and more in women's clothing.  More recently, Target have been pretty smart and teamed up with influential bloggers and 'pinners' for their latest collaborations. (Read more details here).  The latest is Joy from Oh Joy who has released a line of fun and bright spring/summer party and picnic items.  I am loving all the bright colours - it makes me happy!

Photos c/o Oh Joy (her blog is a good read if you don't already read it)


Anonymous said...

Hi P!

Just chanced upon your blog and catching up on your old entries, :) I live in Perth and totally get what you mean by missing Big W, Target and Kmart. I love shopping at these stores! Love these cute range by Target USA. I wish they have these in Oz!



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