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Bali Love

We just got back from the most wonderful week away in Bali.  A full week of family time - swims, lazing around, reading, massages, eating lots of yummy food, walks and shopping.  You know you had a good holiday when the time away felt longer than it really was and you forget your work computer password on your first day back in the office!

The Mr and I hadn't been to Bali since our honeymoon a few years ago and my how it has changed and built up.  But I do really love Seminyak as you get a real mix of the urban (good restaurants, bars and shopping) along with beach and pool time.  We are thinking it may become an annual holiday :)

We stayed at the W in Seminyak in the Petitenget area.  Beautiful resort with beach access and super lovely staff, it was the perfect backdrop for our holiday.   The onsite restaurants, Fire and Starfish Bloo, are super yum and the Woobar is the perfect place for sunset drinks.  There are little golf buggys that can drive you around the resort and out to the front street entrance which the little Miss was obsessed with.  It was always "buggy!" whenever she saw one.

I think for our next trip we may get a private villa for the extra space and potentially so we can holiday with a couple of other friends.

Bali is a foodie mecca.  Some of the restaurants we tried and loved are listed below.

These are mainly kid friendly places in Seminyak as we stayed away from the places that had warnings on their websites re: kids (eg Sarong, Merah Putih, Metis).  I would have loved to try/gone back to those places but we figured it would've been way too much stress that we just didn't need.

Petitenget - yummy food in a lovely bistro setting.
Motel Mexicola - kitschy cool Mexican
Taco Local - just next door to the W.  Yummy Mexican and I preferred the food here over Motel Mexicola. Make sure to order the nachos, quesadillas, margaritas and pork tacos.
The Salty Seagull - kitschy cool Fish and Chips
Potato Head Beach Club - a fun place to hang out for a couple of hours.
Biku - Their signature beef pie was good but I was underwhelmed by their Beef Rendang
Sea Circus -  Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Den.  I tried my first ever Acai bowl here which was yum (the little Miss loved it too).  Good coffee.

Petitenget:  I really loved this area and it was way less touristy than the main drag.   Cool shops include Carga for homewares, Magali Pascal for the prettiest lace and other luxe clothing, Prisoners of St Petersburg for vintage and other cool clothes and homewares
Coco and Ginger: for the most gorgeous handmade girls' clothing. They also have a small rack of womenswear and I picked up a lovely cut out lace white kaftan for myself (see pic at the top)
The White Peacock: bohemian and vintage
Main drag and side streets around Jalan Oberoi, Jalan Seminyak and behind Seminyak Square.

Bali guides: 
There are loads of other places that we didn't get to.

For some other Bali recommendations see:
The Bali Bible (thank you to the kind soul who added this to the comments on my blog but you logged in as anonymous so I can't thank you in person!)
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