08 August 2014

Potato Head and the Lokal

As we head into another weekend, I thought I would write up about two new places we visited last weekend.

Potato Head Folk 

The Mr and I spoiled ourselves to a child free sneaky Saturday date lunch and decided to check out Potato Head Folk.  Some readers may have visited Potato Head in Bali and Jakarta before. Potato Head Folk is their latest opening in Singapore.

Taking up one of the corner blocks on Keong Saik Street, Potato Head Folk has been open for a few months now.  In the past we have tried a couple of Friday/Saturday nights to get in but there was always a long queue (1 hour or longer).  Fortunately we didn't have to wait for our table at lunch and scored a table in the Three Buns Dining Kitchen on the second floor.  Really pretty painted murals adorned the walls with eclectic furniture sprinkled throughout.  They only serve burgers so I recommend it as a cool place to have a fun lunch or dinner.

The Lokal opened recently on Neil Road and it definitely feels like a cafe you would find in Australia - the decor, the tunes, the open space and kitchen and the food.   The Mr and I even commented that we felt we were back somewhere like James Street or Teneriffe.   Not surprising since the chef and one of the owners is an Aussie who used to work at Tetsuya's in Sydney.   I heard it gets super busy - we got there when it opened at 9 so we had no trouble getting table.  
Really good food and coffee.  The Mr had their popular roast beef sandwich and I ordered avocado and ricotta smashed on toast.  As you can see from the pic below (the little Miss definitely approves of their muffins) 



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