02 February 2015

Busy Beauty

January is over and I am finally starting to get back into my exercise routine again after a holiday season hiatus.  My morning routine (which I try to do a couple of times a week) is to drop the little Miss at nursery, go to the gym and then head to the office.  I usually try and get in by 9am.

To do all that usually means my max workout time is 20-30mins + a super fast shower and beauty routine at the gym. 

That's why I loved this little discovery on Beauticate (great beauty blog by ex Vogue beauty editor, Sigourney Cantelo) on how to do your eye liner in like 3 seconds. It works a treat! 

There is also a great vid on 5 minute glowy makeup.  


Dwight Osborne said...

It's cool that you spared no time in getting back into action and continue on with your exercise regimen. That is the most recommendable attitude, since lying idle can waste up a lot of your energy and internal dynamics, as well as your precious time. That should ought to help in making you a more well-rounded person. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

Dwight Osborne @ NY Health & Wellness


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