17 February 2012

Tsutaya Daikanyama

Despite being a recent convert to the Kindle, I still love walking around and hanging out in bookshops. The smell, the coziness and just having a little escape for a while.

In Japan, the main chain of bookstores you see in most neighbourhoods is Tsutaya.   When I was living there, I often just dropped in to one of their stores to see what was out and browse through the myriad of books, cds, dvds and magazines.

Tsutaya have recently opened a new retail concept for the 'third' space in Tokyo - not your home or your office but a third space to build a community.  Check out this great little video from Monocle on the new store space which still appeals despite the digitalising (is that a word?) of the industry.  I want to go visit!



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