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Showing posts from October, 2009

Fashion Bubble - Rose and Ruby

Rose and Ruby Summer 09 collection incorporating lots of my favourite influences... lace, floral and romance. (via eatdrinkchic )

Travel Bubble - Where would you rather be #3

I just got back from a very relaxing long weekend at Koh Samui. Me and the boy stayed at the amazing Sala Samui resort with some very good friends and indulged in lots of Thai food, massages and reading by the beach. I wish I was back there instead of slaving away for "The Man". Work to live I guess :)

Icon Bubble - Alexa Chung


Fashion Bubble - Secret Squirrel

2009 Summer collection by Aussie label, Secret Squirrel

Shoe Bubble - Oxford love

Over the weekend I was outlet shopping and tried on an amazing pair of Giuseppe Zanotti black patent lace up oxford booties (unfortunately I can't find a pic of them to show you). Even on sale (and like 60% off) these gorgeous shoes are still way out of my budget. I guess I will have to be content to look at these pretty pictures of oxford booties until I can hunt down a cheaper pair... All from Bluefly

Fashion Bubble - B & W #2

Music Bubble - Mayer Hawthorne

A snappy dressing white twenty something singing 70s motownish tunes = Mayer Hawthorne. Love it. Releasing your album on heartshaped vinyl is pretty cool too. Just ain't gonna work out by Mayer Hawthorne

Foodie Bubble - Cupcake Love


Fashion Bubble - B & W

I love black and I wear it pretty much everyday. It's classic, easy and you can never generally look bad in black. However, working in an office means my black is often pretty conservative. Here is a little black and white inspiration to mix things up a little. (If you couldn't already tell I am a big fan of street fashion photography - all these shots were found on a new blog I just discovered. I also just bought the Sartorialist book on the weekend - it's soo pretty! Highly recommended!)

Icon Bubble - Rose Byrne

Just lovely!

Photo Bubble - Perfume love

Clusters of bottles... ribbons... fresh flowers... hand written tags...Just a few of my favourites! {...}

Cute Bubble - Backspace


Music Bubble - Throw me the Statue

{...} New tunes for the change in season - Pistols by Throw me the Statue

Design Bubble - Thank you Mr Paul

Paul Smith collaborates with Rhodia and Lomo for all your photo taking and sketching needs! {...}

Shoe Bubble - Fantasy Valentino

Amazing {...}

Fashion Bubble - September 20's

Beautiful photos from the Twenties spread that Grace Coddington fights for in the September Issue (worth seeing if you haven't already!) - American Vogue, September 2007. See more here

Icon Bubble - Sofia Coppola

Photo Bubble - Tommy Ton hearts Hong Kong

By Tommy Ton