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Design Bubble - Shop Dreaming #2

I have previously mentioned my long held dream to open my own shop one day - not sure if it will ever happen but it's a little something to hold onto and inspire me when my 'real' job seems like too much and somewhat unfulfilling (which it seems to be this week!).. anyhow I digress... Someone who was feeling equally uninspired in their first job, Natalie Bloom, took her own hobby of making cards, gifts and candles and 16 years later she is in charge of an international beauty range which includes cosmetics, skincare and body products. I heart Bloom cosmetics and you can obviously see Ms Bloom's creativity across the brand including the whimsical and playful logo, lovely packaging and the merchandising of her flagship store. The inspiration wall in her home office says it all really - I hope one day my shop looks a little like hers! {...}

Fashion Bubble - My My Miss Margot

I have just finished rewatching " The Royal Tenenbaums " - which I have not seen in love this movie. Even though it was shot over 8 years ago (and I think is set in the 80's), you can see lots of current style influences. My favourite is Margot Tenenbaum (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) Smoky eyes... super straight hair with the signature hair clip...stripes.... laceup brogues... what more could a girl ask for?

Fashion Bubble - 31 Rue Cambon

Chanel is branching out... into magazine publishing. GFC = diversification? The first issue of "31 Rue Cambon" will be released shortly and can be picked up at Chanel stores. Named after the address of the first Chanel boutique, you can sneak a peek of the mag here on Purple Fashion's blog . Hmm me thinks this magazine will just be one big uberglossy Chanel ad....

Music Bubble - Marques

Folky and soulful tunes from 22 year old Marques Tolivier - I love his song " Place Somewhere" Thanks to The Guardian's Paul Lester for another amazing discovery...

Cute Bubble - To my love...


Icon Bubble - Rachel Bilson


Music Bubble - Whitley

One of my favourite musos, Whitley, has just released a new album. At only 23 years of age, singer/songwriter Whitley is full of contradiction and talent. He looks like a bit of a rocker (and used to play in hardcore punk bands before venturing out on his own) but he has this calming and beautiful voice which spins these whimsical and melodic tunes. The new album "Go Forth Find Mammoth" is currently being streamed in whole on his myspace site. He is currently on tour around Australia so go see him if you can - he is AWESOME live!