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Of pinning and pretty things...

After lots of talk about a friend's Pinterest board at a dinner out last week, I realised I hadn't pinned in ages and decided to revisit my Pinterest page tonight.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy finding lots of pretty things that inspire me - whether it is food, fashion or design.   My new year's resolution is to make more time for exercise and holidays but I think I will extend it to just making more 'me' time.   Even if it is just an odd spot of pinning here and there.   Working full time and juggling family and life in general has me feeling awfully busy at times so I need to remember to take a step back and take some time out every now and then.  This is what I found to inspire me this evening...  A gorgeous romper for the little lady:    The perfect cheese board for our next dinner party / "wine and youtube" night:  Pretty blue vignette featuring the bubby's favourite fruit: This cape! (no words!): Work outfit

Labels against Women

Gender stereotypes are definitely something I come up against being a full time working mum in a senior leadership role at work (I have touched on it in a previous  blog  post). However, as much as I could write about it, I think the below Pantene ad* sums it up and illustrates it brilliantly.  It shows just how differently the same actions can be viewed. Such a powerful message. We need more of it. *although I can't say that it will make me go out and convert to Pantene shampoo....