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Photo Bubble - Happy New Year!

Wishing you all lots of fun adventures for 2010! ...

Design Bubble - New Wheels?

Delightful new friends courtesy of Vanguard Introducing Shinkansen... Islington... and Chari...

Photo Bubble - Camera love


Travel Bubble - My HK

I love exploring my city and thanks to the boys at j.a.daye, there are even more new places to discover. The owners of custom men's clothing line j.a.daye and retail store Moustache , Ellis Kreuger and John Alexander Daye, have put together a great little guidebook on Hong Kong pointing out some of the lesser known stores and eateries around town. Best of all you can download it from their site for free! And for the fellas, here is a sampling from their latest lookbook:

Fashion Bubble - Olivia P

I have never watched the semi-reality show The City (the spinoff of The Hills which itself was a spinoff of Laguna Beach) but it has spawned my latest style crush. I don't really know who she is, but I am crushing on Olivia Palermo's style. As snapped by the Sartorialist After a google search I discover that Miss P has been described as a self absorbed social climber and is not the nicest person in the world. Hmmm... ok so I may not want to be her friend but her clothes are pretty though.

Cute Bubble - Holiday fun

What the festive season means to me: holiday parties; fun times with family, friends and loved ones; boxing day sales; and holiday cards - shame Australia Post is going on strike. But perhaps for next year's stamps they can take note from the French Postal Service who have collaborated with Alber Elbaz (from Lanvin) to introduce these gorgeous stamps. Ooh la la!