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Girl Crush: Kerry Washington

Someone who I have been seeing on the red carpet a lot lately and loving is Kerry Washington .  She has been around for years but is now making it big due to her tv show Scandal (great show btw) and her role in this year's Oscar nominated Tarantino flick Django Unchained. I think she has been nailing it on the red carpet.  I have noticed she normally goes for very feminine pieces but there is always a bit of edge or point of difference to it which many could not pull off.  I am excited to see what she has planned for the Oscars! All images from Red Carpet Fashion Awards (such a good blog and one of my daily reads)

Archetype Me

I always find personality tests interesting and they are usually pretty spot on.  A new website, Archetype Me , is pretty clever - it works out what your archetype is (based on a quiz) and it will then customise content depending on your personality.  Below is me. MEET YOUR ARCHETYPE 30%  Caregiver A Caregiver is someone who lives to give and needs to be useful. 28%  Intellectual If you’re an Intellectual, you’re always seeking knowledge and wisdom. 22%  Fashionista Innately stylish and drawn to beauty, the Fashionista makes an effort to look her best and isn’t afraid to let the world know she tries.