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So it's time for the obligatory New Year's Eve post and a wrap up of 2012... It's been quite the year! The Mr and I saw in the new year last year with our good friends in Brisbane - this year we are staying in and I will be lucky if I can stay awake til midnight! :) 2012 saw us holidaying in Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and going home to Brisbane.  On the career front, I was lucky enough to head back to Tokyo and Hong Kong and be involved in lots of challenging work and survive what has been a very tumultuous year for the financial services industry.  We saw friends get engaged, married, move cities.  We welcomed lots of new bambinos into our circle of friends.  It was also the year that the most gorgeous little nephew and the most incredible little girl was born. I will leave you and 2012 with this pretty little tune from the Paper Kites (thanks to Hieu for the music discovery).  I hope 2013 is good and kind to you all xx

Spike and Dadda

image via Spike and Dadda   For the perfect Saturday morning viewing to get you in a good mood for the weekend, go check out Spike and Dadda , a gorgeous and hilarious series of animated shorts about a dad and his son Spike based on real life recordings of conversations between Sheldon Lieberman and his son Spike.   What I love about this series is how the relationship between father and son is captured - so real, so genuine and so sweet. Do yourselves a massive favour and go watch the episodes here .  My current favourite is "Fishing or Crabpotting". 

in good company...

The concept behind new Singapore label In Good Company is quality and must have basics for every wardrobe.  I'm loving all the pleats and ruffles that add a little bit extra to modernise the classic and basic silhouettes. The label also has a cool kids collection - hmm maybe the little Miss and I need some matchy matchy outfits :)

Merry Christmas from our little family

Image from Love Mae  

Girl Crush: Hanneli Mustaparta

Former model, photographer and blogger.  I have been reading her blog for a while now and have a big crush on her style and her life.   Check out the cute and fun Louis Vuitton ad she was in recently: 

A letter to June...

Have a read of the below letter from Johnny Cash to his wife June on her 65th birthday.  Such an amazing and sweet letter which describes love so simply and perfectly. She was the #1 earthly reason for his existence - how utterly divine.     More cool letters and stuff at the Letters of Note blog

being a parent...

Atticus Finch - such an awesome dad! Source: via Phuong on Pinterest It's been one month and three days since the little one was born and it's been a crazy ride so far.   I don't want to turn my blog into a blog all about babies and parenting but this blog is about me, my life and what I love so it is somewhat inevitable she gets mentioned! I had been told that the first 4 weeks with a newborn are probably some of the hardest weeks you will ever experience in your life.  You realise you have total responsibility for this incredible little person and you feel so many different emotions - unconditional love, frustration, utter exhaustion, completely overwhelmed, stress, fear, happiness, complete awe that you helped create such an amazing person.   As a new mum, you also have to deal with the birthing process and after birth issues (all the gross stuff that no one tells you about!).  One major issue for me so far is how the little one would be fed. I en

Holiday playlist

Source: via Phuong on Pinterest I love this time of year - holiday parties, family time, Christmas lights and everyone seems that little bit more chipper... The folks at Kinfolk magazine (a beautifully styled mag celebrating simple entertaining and small gatherings) have put together a fab little holiday playlist to get you in the mood. Have a listen here

christmas tree day!

Soundtrack for tree decorating with the little one :)