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Grub Noodle Bar

The Mr and I made a quick little escape on Saturday night to check out Grub Noodle Bar .  A few friends have been recently so I was keen to have a taste. Aiming to be a late night supper joint, the noodle bar is only open nights and there are only 2 main dishes, laksa or beef noodles.  But these are special noodles. You get fresh soft egg noodles accompanied by a gorgeous beefy broth - there was so much flavour!  The beef goodness comes in the form of minced beef, beef balls and your choice of beef cut eg brisket, rump, sirloin or ribeye. There was certainly no shortage of meat and all for under $20. They also have a range of starters if you are feeling more adventurous.  We had the Hokkaido Scallop Tataki which was well balanced, fresh and citrusy and some pretty off the charts good Chicken Drumlets which were coated in curry leaves, garlic and sesame seeds.  I am still dreaming about that chicken. I definitely recommend Grub Noodle Bar if you are looking for good foo

to the weekend...

I can't wait for the weekend - there is so much to look forward to!  Saturday is chockers as we are taking the little girl to the zoo in the morning, then off to a little boy's birthday celebration and date night with the Mr.  Sunday means family skype chats, breakfast at our favourite cafe with friends and a chilled sunday afternoon in a park or by the river.   Happy Friday!

Summer wonder

I can't wait to get back home for our Christmas holidays in December - one week in Brisbane and one week up at the Sunny Coast.  This beautiful short film c elebrating Summer and 40 years of Country Road makes me miss home!

A cynic's guide to green smoothies

For a while now I have seen a lot written about green smoothies and to be honest I didn't get it.   I read interviews in beauty and celeb blogs and there was always some reference to green smoothies as part of a morning routine. Instagram and social media were flooded with images of folks traipsing around with their green smoothies and eating raw this and that.  I thought it was all a bit over the top and just some food fad. I was a cynic to say the least. I am a food loving, coffee and wine drinking girl who likes to eat bread, rice and all the stuff you aren't 'meant' to. But a few weeks ago I started making some changes.  For most of this year I have been feeling run down, tired, was getting sick alot and just feeling 'blah'... My iron, zinc and vitamin levels were way down.  I had previously put it down to just being busy and stressed with work and life but something really needed to change. My time off between jobs gave me some time to get back i