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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival (or Trung Thu in Vietnamese) is being celebrated this weekend in various parts of the world.   For me, this time of year brings back fond memories of my childhood where we would eat lots of mooncakes (but giving my dad the egg bit as I didn't like it and still don't!) and my sisters and I would walk around and sway the paper lanterns that Dad had carefully lit for us. These days there are lots of different types and varieties of mooncakes (check out these fancy ones from the Raffles Hotel that have champagne truffle!) and some of the lanterns are battery operated, but nothing for me will compare to the simple white lotus mooncake and old school candle lit paper lanterns that I grew up with... Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! image source

DINK time...

The Mr and I have been taking advantage of our DINK time before the little one arrives so we have been  making an effort to try out some places around town that we haven't been before: 1. Fat Cow -  I took the Mr here for a surprise birthday dinner the other week.  Fat Cow is a Japanese inspired steak house located in the Camden Medical Centre of all places.  Our expectations were high as we had heard lots of good reviews and it is owned by the same folks who run Kinki   and the various Marmalade Pantry  outlets. They didn't disappoint.  Fat Cow serves a range of steaks mainly Wagyu or half Wagyu from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the US.   For those like me who are not steak lovers, there is also a range of other mains including shabu shabu .   I had the shabu shabu with their A3 grade Japanese beef and I must say it was the most incredible (and most expensive) shabu shabu I have ever eaten.  Soft and delicious and full of flavour.  I also recommend their Zucchini Blo

A bad day...

Yesterday was a bad day.. not sure why and it wasn't for any particular reason but I was just grumpy and feeling blah and everything was annoying me - hmm maybe it is the pregnancy hormones.  In any case, it was nice to go to bed early and see the end of it. But it got me thinking of what I do when I am feeling down to try and cheer myself up: sweet texts or lots of hugs from people I love.  No judgement, just lots of love - these are the best! comfort food - my go to last night was chicken curry and rice and an iced milo from Toast Box watching videos of my cute little nephew rolling around (he has recently discovered he can do this all by himself and loves it! so cute!).  He always makes me smile watching reruns of one of my favourite funny tv shows  via weheartit 

Hello Yellow!

A mix of dresses at the Emmys this year but I particularly loved all the yellow! I think my favourite dress of the evening - Leslie Mann in Naeem Khan. I also heart her turquoise jewels  Claire Danes with baby bump in Lanvin and accompanied by her cutie husband, Hugh Dancy   Julie Bowen in Monique Lhuillier 

J.Crew x Tokyo

J.Crew meets one of (in my opinion) the best cities in the world... i wish it got cold enough in Singapore to wear coats! Love a guy in a dashing, well cut suit. handsome x

Handbag Debuts

I am not one who would normally go out and spend lots of money on a designer handbag (I am quite fickle, my tastes change and I get bored) but I was very excited to read about some recent handbag debuts. 1. Mulberry Willow Tote  Debuting at Fashion Week, this bag is big enough to carry your life around with you and with a detachable large envelope clutch - it would be a perfect bag for office or weekend.  2. Narciso Rodriguez Bowler Tote Narciso Rodriguez is known for his minimalism and structured lines so this gorgeous structured doctor's bag is no different.  I LOVE the shape and the contrast of the black zips and hardware.  3. Celine Spring 2013 Celine rarely does wrong with their bags.  I particularly love the contrasting textures of this one from their Spring 2013 collection.   all images via purseblog Hmm.. judging by the above, I am sensing quite a trend here - maybe time for a new handbag? ;)

This week...

It was a bittersweet week - sharing special amazing moments with loved ones, birthdays, baby nephew's first little achievements and the anniversary of the most tragic of days...  a week to reflect on how fleeting life can be but how beautiful and magical it can be. via my pinterest

New York Fashion Week: Suno Spring 2013

It's New York Fashion Week so I have been trawling through and looking at all the show recaps and one label I discovered was New York based label,  Suno .  Feminine florals and clashing prints - two of my faves.


I have recently become addicted to the tv show, Suits.   (I may or may not have spent all my free time over the weekend watching back to back episodes)... For those who haven't seen it, I definitely recommend you get on it.  It's a fabulous, witty, stylish legal drama with two key characters, Harvey Specter (brilliant senior partner at a prestigious law firm) and Mike Ross (his protege associate who didn't actually go to law school but has a photographic memory). Can I just say, if I was a guy,  I think I would want to be a bit like Harvey Specter. He is charming, brilliant and impressive and he has an impeccable wardrobe to match.  It even inspired a dedicated section at Net-A-Porter's male equivalent,  Mr Porter . I think guys definitely need to wear more 3 piece suits :) See the trailer for the first season of the show here:


It is Father's Day in Australia today so I am particularly thinking of and missing both my dads.   Today is one of those days where you wish the world was a little bit smaller or made a little more sense... but our Dads are the best (whether they are with us or not) - always a calming influence, provider of sage advice and giver of comforting big dad bear hugs.  I think there is also something very special between a girl and her dad. So, Happy Father's Day to all the papa bears out there.   Gosh we were little!  I can't believe I will have my own little bubba soon...