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My Immigration Story

I recently blogged about a Ted talk given by Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook's COO) about women leaders in the workplace. A good friend shared another Ted talk that has inspired me tonight - this one given by Vietnamese Australian Tan Le about her immigration story and the bonds between three generations of women in her family. As a child of Vietnamese boat people, so much of this talk resonated with me - the struggles of growing up poor in Australia and straddling between two cultures, incidents of racism growing up, feeling like an 'outsider', finding yourself in foreign situations not knowing how to use the cutlery (!), feelings of hesitance about ease or entitlement or privilege for my own children someday... But such experiences have made me who I am today and for that I am so ever grateful and thankful for my amazing parents.  As Tan so beautifully puts it, "It is okay to be an outsider, a recent arrival, new on the scene — and not just okay, but something to

gwynnie at the oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow always rocks it out - she looks amazing.  I really do love her style. As my dear twin sister, YT , said "you always love gwynnie".  It is very true :) White, cape, low ponytail + gorgeous jewels.  my pick for best dressed by far...

Katie Ermilio

Gorgeous tailoring and pretty pastels from New York based  Katie Ermilio .   Keeping it simple, elegant and fuss free. 

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is over for another six months... here are some glimpses of some of my favourites... Gorgeous starry details at Rodarte   Little black dress redefined at  Prabal Gurung Red and Black at Monique Lhuillier   All images c/o From me to You


 via Phuong on Pinterest Off to Thailand for the weekend for our friends' wedding - can't wait! xx

a song...

I love how certain songs always take you back to a particular time, a particular place, a particular memory every time you hear them.  Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's happy. Tonight after an awesome night out with some mates, I heard this little old school tune from Jason Mraz on the cab ride home and it reminded me so much of my twin sister YT .   I miss you!! xx

Tsutaya Daikanyama

Despite being a recent convert to the Kindle , I still love walking around and hanging out in bookshops. The smell, the coziness and just having a little escape for a while. In Japan, the main chain of bookstores you see in most neighbourhoods is Tsutaya .   When I was living there, I often just dropped in to one of their stores to see what was out and browse through the myriad of books, cds, dvds and magazines. Tsutaya have recently opened a new retail concept for the 'third' space in Tokyo - not your home or your office but a third space to build a community.  Check out this great little video from Monocle on the new store space which still appeals despite the digitalising (is that a word?) of the industry.  I want to go visit!

to my valentine...

 via Phuong on Pinterest

love on top...

Such a sweet and boppy tune x

every day...

this weekend has been all about sleep, nursing my flu and watching Boston Legal reruns.  I forgot how much I love that show ... I also forgot how much it sucks to be ill and lose your entire weekend.  I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself. But on the bright side, we have found a new place to live - a cute little conservation shophouse (just subject to paperwork) hooray!

sunday morning with pip studio...

Sunday morning eating peanut butter toast, drinking an iced coffee, watching Inside Business and crushing massively on the ridiculously pretty homewares from Pip Studio .  

Kate Moss // Mango

She looks amazing.  I want those last two outfits!

white // black

Nothing beats a crisp white shirt and black pants.   via Phuong on Pinterest

ben howard - the wolves

Love unexpected music discoveries - this one came on Friday night whilst at work drinking with some of the guys and watching youtube clips in my office including the amazing tricks of Danny Macaskill

friday colour: lilac...

Inspired by the lilac blazer that I am wearing today... so pretty and happy. via Phuong on Pinterest

women leaders in the workplace...

Uni mates of ours own two fantastic and successful online retail businesses Shoes of Prey (for customised bespoke shoes) and Sneaking Duck  (for funky and trendy glasses) - definitely check them out if you haven't heard of them yet.   They also write about their various entrepreneurial adventures on their blog  which gives some great insights into the start up world and owning your own business (another must read to add to your google reader). Recently Michael linked to this great TED talk by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg about women in senior leadership roles in the workplace.   When you watch it, remember this talk is targeted at women who choose  to be in the workforce.    We all know that not all women choose to be in the workforce (especially after having kids). The talk was very inspiring and particularly resonated with me.  I work in a very male dominated industry. I want kids and when I have them I want to be a good mum.  I know I am smart, capable, good at my job.  I