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This is me and my new pal Betsy.  I love her!  Thanks to our friends at Vanguard

Travel Bubble - Liberty Love

Dear Liberty of London I think I will need to come visit you when I am  hopefully in London in October and pick up one of these gorgeous little suitcases.  You're so pretty!   Yours sincerely Miss Bubble

Fashion Bubble - Cycle chic

I am obssessed with cool vintage inspired bikes and bike style blogs at the moment - ever since we decided to order our own bikes after months and months of contemplation.  There are some great blogs out there including Cycle Chic  from Copenhagen and The Common Elite .   Lots of style inspiration! I still don't know if I will be able to cruise around Singapore in heels - much practice needed beforehand I think!
[...] I've packed my bags and am heading home to Brisbane for the long weekend. The main reason is to attend a school friend's wedding.  I can't believe it's been about 12 years since we first met as little grade 8'ers - time has flown!  I can't wait to see her and her lovely fella get hitched and catch up with everyone. wheeeee!

Design Bubble - Cycle Love

The Mr and I ordered our bikes from Vanguard today (you may remember I previously blogged about them a while ago).  We are buying them as wedding presents for each other.   so exciting!! He has ordered Byron (pictured below) with some alterations and I am having one customised for me in powder baby blue.  We pick them up at the end of the month - can't wait!  I now have to think of a name for my little gem but I think I will wait until I see her/him first!

Design Bubble - White Love

I want to hang a dress on my wall too!  Beautiful room inspiration from Decor8

Cute Bubble - Giraffe Love

I have a thing for giraffes - not sure when it started but I love them.  This one is such a little cutie!

Fashion Bubble - Sketch Love

I wish I could draw like this! c/o another of my favourite style blogs - Behind the Seams


Dreaming of worry free days, lazy afternoons, naps, reading all day... oh and running around in that fabulous floral playsuit. [...]

Design Bubble - Font Love

I love fonts and now the brilliant folk at  Pentagram have designed a quiz so you can find out which one best suits your personality.  Mine is Archer Hairline as above. soo pretty!

Fashion Bubble - Shorty shorts

Antique ivory lace + shorty shorts  = the perfect combination for summer!