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Tory Burch tells her story

I love reading about inspiring women in the business world. Last night, I read a couple of great articles from one of my favourite publications, Fast Company , about Tory Burch  and how she has built her brand and her business.  Read the articles here .  In just under 10 years she has built a global lifestyle brand which will pass $1bn in revenue this year.   It is reported that the secret to her success is that her business is such a personal reflection of who she is.  I don't own anything from Tory Burch (yet) but I have visited a couple of her stores.  It really does feel like you are visiting somebody's beautiful home when you step into one of her stores.    Another secret is being authentic and accessible.   As the article notes,   "Bur ch “is all about the ‘and’,” says creative director Honor Brodie, who oversees the Tory Blog and  social media . “She’s a tomboy and she’s feminine. She’s an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. A mother and a sister. The person

The Bamboo Ceiling

Most of us have heard about glass ceilings , but what about the bamboo ceiling ? The Australian Financial Review and the Guardian both ran articles this week about "Asians" in executive corporate management after an Australian Diversity Council report was released.  The Council found that only 4.9% of the labour force of Asian heritage make it to senior executive level in Australia and only 1.9% of executives in ASX200 companies have Asian cultural origins.  Some interesting statistics. Read the full articles  here  and here . There are so many different ideas thrown out about about how we can increase diversity at the higher echelons of the corporate world (eg quotas, affirmative action).  I don't know what the answer is as I don't think there is a 'one size fits all' solution. As a young female Australian full time working mum/career woman of Vietnamese heritage, I have certainly been the subject of my fair share of stereotypes and gossip in the c

Feeling grown up with Grafunkt

Feeling grown up is buying furniture for your house that is not IKEA. I love IKEA (and I think we will always have IKEA items in our house wherever we live) but there is something about investing a little bit more into your couch or table that makes me feel very grown up :) We are on the hunt for a new dining table.  We bought our current table almost 5 years ago from Lush  and it has served us well.   But it was floor display stock so it was cheap and the legs are now getting pretty wonky and unstable.  It also has a glass table top with sharp corners that unfortunately the little Miss has run into on the odd occasion... so we think it's time for a change before our dining table becomes a really dangerous hazard! One of my favourite furniture stores in Singapore is Grafunkt .   It's got a very cool cosy and contemporary vibe and they stock both their own original designs and other labels.  We liked these two tables so just deciding whether to get one of them or to keep l

Magali Pascal

I discovered Magali Pascal during our recent visit to  Bali . The brand is inspired by French elegance and combines beautiful fabrics and lace to create some absolutely luxe, ultra feminine and gorgeous pieces.   There are a couple of boutiques in Bali but the label is also available online  (they can ship internationally).

Potato Head and the Lokal

As we head into another weekend, I thought I would write up about two new places we visited last weekend. Potato Head Folk  The Mr and I spoiled ourselves to a child free sneaky Saturday date lunch and decided to check out Potato Head Folk.  Some readers may have visited Potato Head in Bali and Jakarta before. Potato Head Folk is their latest opening in Singapore. Taking up one of the corner blocks on Keong Saik Street, Potato Head Folk has been open for a few months now.  In the past we have tried a couple of Friday/Saturday nights to get in but there was always a long queue (1 hour or longer).  Fortunately we didn't have to wait for our table at lunch and scored a table in the Three Buns Dining Kitchen on the second floor.  Really pretty painted murals adorned the walls with eclectic furniture sprinkled throughout.  They only serve burgers so I recommend it as a cool place to have a fun lunch or dinner. The Lokal The Lokal opened recently on Neil Road and

Rose Byrne x Oroton

Oroton , the classic luxury Australian fashion label has announced  Rose Byrne  as the new face of their label. I love her and her style and even remember watching her in the early days on Aussie soap, Echo Point  during my high school days.  Watch the behind the scenes video of the Oroton shoot here .

Inspired by: Louvelle Luxury Showerwear

Seraphine headwear I love reading and hearing about women doing daring and inspiring things in the business world and today is no different. One of my amazing friends has today launched her own business, Louvelle . Dahlia in Aqua Stripe Amelie in Botanical Simone is a busy mum and was bemoaning about ugly shower caps so she decided to do something about it. The result is gorgeous and chic showerwear inspired by the pages of fashion magazines.  Quick and easy to put on like any regular shower cap but just way prettier (I also think you can wear these out as a hair accessory on bad hair days!).  I can't wait to order mine and in fact was only just saying to the Mr on the weekend that I need a new cap and couldn't wait for Sim to launch so I could order one. Currently there are two designs, Amelie and Dahlia (that are offered in a range of prints).  Sim has also designed headbands  that will be great for exercise or your beauty routine. Currently only Australian