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Hopefully I have become even a little of who my parents are - brave, selfless, giving, determined. I could go on with my mum and dad's amazing traits...   I hope the little one takes after her grandparents too!

weekend respite...

Our weekend was spent catching up with friends, pram buying adventures (by adventure I mean painful overwhelming shopping experience) and of course one of our favourite past times - eating and checking out some new places around town.  On Friday night we caught up with some of the kids over Korean at Two Days One Night  at Tanjong Pagar (our Korean friend Chaz recommended and invited us along and according to him it is one of the more decent places around).   It's always so fun when (a) you go out and eat in a big group, (b) one person who knows what they are doing takes control and orders for everyone and (c) you just delight in whatever comes to the table.  Lots of yummy spicy, meaty goodness.   The pancakes were my favourite - soooo tasty.   There was a massive line out the front of the restaurant so it is obviously a popular choice.  I would definitely go back. After dinner, we walked over to check out  Jigger and Pony - a cool little cocktail bar that has recently opened.

Clueless on The Coveteur

I blogged about The Coveteur (or The Coveted as it was previously known) last year and am still an avid reader of the blog.  The blog gets inside the homes and wardrobes of the fashion set and it featured Clueless yesterday!  The movie is a 90's teen classic which was based on Jane Austen's Emma and has a great soundtrack to boot.  Aah love this movie - I should try and dig it out and watch it on the weekend.   Seriously, who didn't want her computer program that helped her dress in the morning?!?    It would probably help me instead of my current approach of trying on 3 or 4 different outfits each morning before deciding (I can see the Mr shaking his head in dismay right now while he is reading this and saying you should just go with the first one :) )

Margherita Missoni's Wedding

Margherita Missoni (the heiress to the house of Missoni) wed her longtime love the other week in the Italian countryside.    Her flowy romantic gown whilst not designed by Missoni (it was designed by Giambattista Valli ) was made using Missoni silk and organza and was based on a picture the bride cut out of a magazine 15 years ago.   Bridesmaids were in Missoni. However what I loved most was the gorgeous wedding party filled with beautiful low set tables.  What a wonderful way to celebrate - no formal wedding tables with alternate drop meals, chairs with ugly ribbons and chair covers but rather lots of share plates, cozy cushions, colourful table cloths and bright and warm crockery (all of which are Missoni I am assuming).  Just delightful!

sunday morning...

Our very close friends Fox and AM got married yesterday in Ireland.  The Mr is there and from all reports a spectacular day and he is still out on the dance floor! :) Unfortunately the baby bear and I didn't make the trip so after a little lie in, we are spending  our sunday morning watching the E channel  with a cup of rose tea, fresh fruit and a toasted cream cheese bagel for breakfast.   It's not Ireland but not too shabby for a sunday morning! Some internet finds from this week that I have been reading: gorgeous styling inspired by a trip to Morocco - I am loving all the hats and hair accessories The LIBOR affair - for someone working in the industry it's been fascinating to see how this is unfolding in the media.  The Economist article here A lovely cruisy new tune co-written by Pharrell:  Sweet Life by Frank Ocean.  Listen to it here   Gorgeous pretty florals from  Zimmermann .   Happy Sunday! 

Diane Kruger front row at Chanel

Further to my quest for flat shoes , my lovely friend Jac sent me some style inspiration - Diane Kruger front row at the latest Chanel haute couture show.  She can definitely pull off flats and makes them look damn good!  I like the studded flats and her drop waist dress.  Very chic and she and the fella make such a good looking couple.  Pacey 4 eva :)

I miss my heels!

One of the adjustments I have had to make since being pregnant is giving up my 4.5inch heels and settling into a routine of wearing flats... I know some girls love them but I personally have always been a heels girl.  Aside from my trusty havaianas and a pair of pointy green fishskin flats that I bought in Hong Kong years ago (which I love and will be so sad when they are so trashed I can't wear them anymore), I haven't really embraced the flat shoe. Honestly though, I haven't totally given up my heels yet (much to the dismay of some of my very sweet and concerned office colleagues) and have downgraded to a 1 or 2 inch heel on some days.  However most of the time I am currently traipsing around in flats.  The problem is I am short and I already get mistaken for being about 17 (I know I know it will be a total blessing in later years!).  Hence I am trying to stay away from flats that may be too cutesy which will make me look even younger.  Working in an office environmen

kopi for breakfast

I am a big fan of the local coffee shops here in Singapore or kopitiams as they are known. Thick peanut butter or kaya toast, kopi and soft boiled eggs dipped in salt and pepper and dark soy sauce is often my comfort food in the morning.   The New York Times recently ran an an article about Singapore's kopitiams - have a read here and be sure to visit one next time you are in town! images from the New York Times