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Lace, Doilies and cups of tea…

I own some plates and cups from Australian brand  Robert Gordon and they are some of my all time favourite pieces at home. I had saved up my pennies and purchased them from the retail shop I used to work at during uni which my sisters used to call the 'nanna' shop as it sold all things floral, pretty, lacey and lots and lots of doilies.  I had lots of fun working there and this was years ago when doilies were super uncool and before they were featured in every other wedding blog.  I think I have always been a bit of a nanna at heart :) The crockery has followed me on all my adventures - from uni, to starting my career and moving out of home and today here in Singapore.  Not expensive or fancy but they hold such fond memories and I always love having a cup of tea or coffee out of them.   I don't think I will ever be able to throw them out.  Seems a bit silly to be so sentimental… In any case, I was delighted to see one of my favourite design blogs, The Design File

The Business of Fashion: Porter

I am an avid reader of the Business of Fashion blog and it certainly has come a long way since I first started reading it a few years ago. It is not really a blog anymore but part blog, part magazine and part trade publication.  The site gives you a wonderful insight into the world and business behind the luxury fashion industry by aggregating fashion news and generating its own meaningful content and analysis. Fashion is not just about frivolity, creativity and fashion weeks. There is a real business and billions of dollars behind it.  This site combines them both which I think is why I find it so appealing. As an example, take a look at the below interview with the Net-a-Porter Group about their new global print magazine, Porter  which only launched a couple of days ago.    It is an in depth discussion with three women leaders about their business model, strategy and the value proposition of their new initiative.  This is not your everyday fashion interview folks.  Quite lon

Like Father Like Son..

I just returned from a flying visit to Tokyo for work.  Such an amazing city and still one of my all time favourite places in the world. I took a day flight home which was a little indulgent for a work day... I think being on a plane is one of those few times in this day and age when you can truly 'disconnect' from the world (although I know some airlines are now offering wi-fi).  I spent a lovely 7 hours on my own watching movies, eating, reading and sleeping.  It's been ages since I have done that! I flew with ANA so they had a great selection of Japanese films and one caught my eye.  It's called " Like Father Like Son " and I loved it.  I cried.  The film picked up the Jury Prize in 2013 at Cannes and is a story about two families whose sons were switched at birth.  The film so beautifully deals with themes such as nature vs nurture and family dynamics.  As a parent, I think it definitely affected me more than it would've if I had watched it pre-ba