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can we talk?

It's day 3 of my maternity leave and I have to admit I don't know if I am very good at this lady of leisure thing... I can see myself getting bored, I know I should just be enjoying the time off and resting etc but I have never been one to sit still! One of the perks though is getting to go to the hairdresser and running errands etc during the weekday without having to battle the weekend crowds.  Today I visited my lovely hairdresser and got a much needed cut, scalp massage and blowout - they always play old school tunes at my hairdresser and today they played this little ditty.... Aaah the memories - brings me back to high school days... I wonder what happened to him?

Tweed Run Tokyo

Bikes + Tweed + Tokyo + Dapper Dudes = Tweed Run Tokyo 2012. Images beautifully captured by Tommy Ton  

Prabal Gurung x Target

Soooo very excited to read that one of my fave designers , Prabal Gurung (Singapore born, Nepal raised and now New York based) is teaming up with Target (unfortunately only in the US) for their latest designer collaboration. The 80+ piece collection of clothes, bags, jewelry and shoes will launch in February 2013.  The inspiration behind the collection is inspired by a girl's journey through the different stages of love, aww. Read more about the collection over at Vogue  and the Target blog - a first look pic has been released. Such pretty and striking floral prints - I can't wait to see more!


1 day until Miss Kari's short visit.   4 more days of work until our weekend staycation and  6 months off to hang with the little miss!  yay! 

Coat Dresses

I have been inspired by the recent  pic of LeeLee Sobieski in red Dior  and am loving the coat dress at the moment.   So easy to put together, just add heels... I will need to keep a look out as I think another essential to add to the post pregnancy wardrobe! Source: via Phuong on Pinterest

early morning....

The little miss has been making it difficult for her mama to sleep lately, I think she just wants to get out and meet us all! In any case, being up super early means I delightfully discovered that Rage is shown here on the Australia Network early on a Sunday.  It brings me back to weekend mornings in Brisbane where we used to have Rage or Video Hits on the tele in the background most weekends. Some music discoveries this morning: Birdy's cover of Bon Iver's 'Skinny Love'. Little Talks Guy Sebastian with Lupe Fiasco (go Guy!)

connect the dots...

Source: via Phuong on Pinterest

DINK time... post #2

In continuation of our DINK time , here is a rundown of a few other places we have visited in the last couple of weeks: Keong Saik Snacks The third restaurant opened by Jason Atherton  in Singapore, Keong Saik Snacks (located on Keong Saik Road) is a casual diner style restaurant serving up some of Jason's favourite comfort food.  A small hip establishment with only 30 seats, menu highlights for me were: Jason's Very Hot Dog which consists of homemade chorizo sausage with tangy ketchup lime, crispy shallots, cheddar, avocado and jalapenos (so so good - the chorizo is amazing!).  My only complaint was the bun which I think is store bought and a bit sweet - it would have been on another level with a freshly baked hot dog bun.   Home made warm cinnamon donuts served with a side of vanilla chantilly cream and salted caramel cream.  These were incredible!  Blu Kouzina Serving up Greek food (a bit of a rarity in Asia but so prevalent in Oz), this cozy restaurant

I will wait... Mumford & Sons

A bit obsessed with this song today...

sunday love...

Good Time...

A catchy little tune from Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen to start your Saturday morning and the weekend!

Wednesday cuteness

I love these cute and quirky interpretations of the Russian Matryoshka dolls by Swedish illustrator, Ingela P. Arrhenius.   Maybe something to add to the little one's nursery? :) Available in Singapore at the Little Drom Store


  via Phuong on Pinterest Haha, so me!

Somebody to love me on a Sunday

Sunday night and the Mr and I are cooking dinner along to Sean Parker's Hipster International playlist on  Spotify ...  It's a fab playlist and features some really cool songs including one of my faves - Mark Ronson's 'Somebody to Love Me'.   Tonight we aren't agreeing on what to eat so we are making different things but one thing we can agree on is the tunes!  :)

I want...

LeeLee Sobieski looking flawless in a red wool Christian Dior Couture coat dress from their 2012 Fall collection. 

Following your passion...

I read a great New York Times article the other day all about "following your passion" and why for many of us it is not as simple as that when we are navigating our own career path.   For the lucky few (I find this mainly applies to creative types - the chefs, musos, designers, photographers etc of the world) following your passion which then leads to your dream career really is that simple.   Whilst you have good days and bad days, the ones I know who have truly followed their passion really do love what they do and are so enthusiastic about it - they live and breathe it.    For the rest of us (including me) the passion or fulfilment is often something that follows depending on the path we have chosen.  I am a lawyer by day and it is true that the law has always been something I have been interested in ever since reading my first John Grisham novel at 13 and thinking about how I wanted to change and influence the world.  But am I changing the world in my current rol

The Way You Look Tonight...

Glee + Vogue closet + Sarah Jessica Parker = absolutely charming!