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Fashion Bubble - Tokyo Love

I am loving all the Tokyo pics on the Sartorialist at the moment... it brings back loads of memories of my Japan days.   Just so cool.

Fashion Bubble - Festival love

I miss music festivals!  One of the bad things about living in Hong Kong and soon Singapore is the lack of music festivals and gigs that are so abundant in Oz.   For instance, the Splendour lineup this year rocks and I wish I could go! Festivals always makes for great people watching... especially the clothes. Whilst I wait impatiently for my next festival experience, I just have to live vicariously through the celebs who attended the recent Coachella festival in California.  My two fave looks were Rachel Bilson (how I love her) and Kate Bosworth. H&M have also recently jumped on the festival wagon and launched a new Festival Collection which includes a tent and sleeping bag!  No more Anaconda issued tents for you!

Accessory Bubble - Headband love

I <3 these gorgeous hair pieces from

Foodie Bubble - Breakfast love

Breakfasts with Bonne Maman jam and freshly baked bread reminds me of a certain lovely boy who I will finally be sharing the same city with again from next week. yay! via Chocolate Therapy (lots of really pretty pictures!)

Music Bubble - HK party mixtape

My time in Hong Kong is sadly coming to an end but that does mean lots of farewell festivities. My lovely friends have organised a tram party for me this Friday.  It will be a great way to farewell the city as we ride around the island for a few hours... I am responsible for the party mixtape and here is a sampling of the playlist: Create a playlist at

Photo Bubble - Apple love

Some snaps from our recent trip to New York - amazing city, amazing food, amazing friends - couldn't ask for anything more.... 1. Chelsea Market 2. Granola and yoghurt at 71 Irving Place 3. Soho  4. High Line
Aaaah pretty daisies, you bring a little joy to my Friday :) via Tinywhitedaisies

Travel Bubble - Showcase your place

Sorry for the extreme lack of blogging of late.  Things have been so hectic here with holiday plans, moving plans, wedding plans and that little chestnut known as work... But I did want to tell you about a great little website called Precinkt  that I recently happened upon.  Part travel/city guide and part photo blog, the website tells you in images all the must-see and fabulous places you should visit in a particular 'precinct' which are not your usual standard touristy places.   If you can't find your favourite place, just suggest it or even add your own pics. My old neighbourhood is featured  including my favourite cafe, so flicking through it has admittedly made me a little homesick!